Butane Gas Cartridge

Butane Gas Cartridge

แก๊สกระป๋อง or Butane Gas Cartridge sold in the market, many people still have the misconception that The gas inside the can is the same that we use in our homes. But in reality, the gas inside the can is only butane.

Gas filled with steel tanks used at home. As we call it the cooking gas, or some people will be known as LPG in the gas station of the car itself. This gas is a product from the separation of crude oil in an oil refinery. It consists of a mixture of two hydrocarbons: propane and butane. Mix them at a 70:30 mix rate, which gives a high heat value.

While the gas contained within the gas can Will be butane gas only Butane is an alkane hydrocarbon found in crude oil and natural gas. It is the first group of substances to be separated when fractional distillation due to its lower boiling point than other substances.Butane is also highly flammable, colorless.When burned, it produces both carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Adequate ventilation must be provided. Butane does not perform well at temperatures near freezing. The recommended shelf life for butane cans is 5 years.

Butane gas stove As it is lightweight, convenient and safe, it is popular for indoor use. Most stoves have good flame control. And many stoves come with excellent safety systems. But should be used in a sufficiently ventilated area. In addition, the products that are sold are mainly in 2 volumes, 230 g and 250 g, in 1 can can be used for 2-3 hours depending on usage and condition of the canning gas stove.

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